Did you know that you can recycle your candle containers? How many of you are guilty of throwing them away? I know I was guilty of this. Until one day I ran across a friend of mine who had these beautifully decorated Mason Jars placed on her counter with flowers in them. I asked her where she purchased them from and she replied "you"... After purchasing a few of my Cranberry Mason Jars she re-used the glasses to decorate her home. We are both huge Michaels fans! So, of course, she went there, purchased some beautiful artificial flowers and stuffed them in the jars with clear marbles. There are hundreds of uses for your containers, from food storage, to plant life. Here are a few links listed below along with a few crafty ideas you may want to try to do at home.

Step 1 - Remove the labels

Spray warm water or apply oil to your jars label. Allow it to soak in for several minutes. Once soaked in the label should peel right off.

Step 2 - Heat up any remaining wax in your jar

You can warm your jars in your oven by placing them on a cookie sheet for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3 - Pour out the wax

It is important to discard any remaining wax into the trash. Pouring wax down the toilet/sink will clog your drains.

Step 4 - Wash out your container

Wash with warm water & dish detergent. Use an old strainer in your sink once the washing process is complete. This will catch any left over pieces of wax from falling into your drain.

Step 5 - Once dried

Figure out your next creative idea.


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