what does your scent say about you

What Does Your Scent Say About You?


Your body scent goes a long way in discerning somethings about you. Like; your dating styles, social life, relationships, etc… We often have a list of features we would like our dream partner to possess. Such as; eye color, height, weight, personality, hair texture, religion and their scent. In most cases, we end up with someone who has very few qualities that we require, but their scent always makes the list! When you go out to eat, if you don’t walk into a pleasant and tasteful aroma, the end result will be? You being turned off and leaving the facility of course. Scents also say a lot about your lifestyle. Choosing a fragrance out of several alternatives is more like choosing a profile picture for a social site. Most scents will tell who and what you are about. 



Fresh Fruit Scents show a playful personality. This is a person who is bubbly, energetic and people love to be around them.




Earthy Scents represent a person who is always up for a challenge, and someone who loves to be outdoors.




Floral Scents represent a relaxed person. Someone who will brighten a room, and is easy going.




Sweet Scents represent individuals that are always at the center of attention. They will usually hang amongst the fun crowd.




No doubt whatever your scent is, it tells more about your personality than what you think. What does your scent represent and say about you? Your favorite fragrance can be found in soaps and candles. Scented candles and soaps are always worth it when it comes to giving your home, office, and body that desired scent. So tell me what your favorite scent is? Does it represent who you are? 

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